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Get more clients, make more money – with no extra marketing effort on your part.

So you have an email list right? You have signup forms on your website, you have an enticing freebie to help you get more subscribers and you send emails to your subscribers.

But is it actually working for you? Your list may be growing, but are your subscribers giving you money? You know how important it is, so you keep doing it, but are you burnt out or simply bored with it?


  • You don’t know what to email. You email about your latest blog post most of the time. But what happens when you skip a week of blogging? I thought so.
  • You don’t email enough. If you’re not blogging, and you don’t just want to send sales emails – not knowing what to send your list results in you rarely sending anything.
  • You let it slide. If you stop sending emails regularly, the next time you decide to, people aren’t going to remember who you are and simply delete the email…and worse, hit the spam button because they can’t remember signing up for your list!
  • You are constantly in need of new clients, but you aren’t effectively using your emails to turn those subscribers into customers.
  • You forget to sell yourself. What? I have to sell myself? Yes, although it’s nice to think that people will just fall in love with you naturally and see your expertise through your blog posts, the reality is that they don’t always click through to your blog post (check your open rates) and aren’t hanging out on your site all the time checking for all the services you offer. You need to remind them.
  • You only sell your products during a launch or special deal. If you have any digital products or courses, you can only get people to purchase when you’re doing a special launch or deal.
  • You’re multi-passionate with multiple projects and multiple lists. And it’s starting to wear you down having to think of things to send to all of them.

So if email is such a pain, how are you going to keep this great marketing tool working for you?

Set it…forget it…and sell more!

There comes a time in your business when you simply don’t have time for ALL.THE.THINGS. And there are a lot of things.

“To do two things at once is to do neither.”

—Publilius Syrus

Email marketing is so incredibly effective at growing your business, it’s not something you can stop or ignore when things get busy.

You’ve got big goals, dreams, side-projects and ideas that you’d love to act on – if only you didn’t spend so much time on ALL.THE.THINGS.

“You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects.”

― Gary Keller, The ONE Thing

So let me help you take this thing off your plate. Put in some work now and thank yourself (and me) big time, later.

Introducing SET IT & FORGET IT


Here’s what the course will cover:

Lesson 1: Your Welcome Sequence

SIFI-icon-chatBecause just sending subscribers a “confirm your subscription” and “here’s your freebie” email does not inspire them to hire you.

You’ll learn the exact types of emails you need in your Welcome Sequence to get your new subscribers to say – “Wow, this is a real person…and I love them…they’re so helpful… they know my problems and have the solution… I want to hire this person now” Ding ding ding!

Lesson 2: Your Forever Sequence

SIFI-icons-compassThis is the magic solution to all your newsletter woes and is the key to setting it and forgetting it. This is an action-packed lesson that will change your life (it changed mine).
I’ll show you how to set up a forever sequence, what types of emails you need to include and give you the key to finally get your newsletter off your plate and make room in your time-crunched days for more exciting things in your business.

This is your license to spend less time on your newsletter and more time on the big-picture projects that will really propel your business forward.

Lesson 3: Your Segmented Sequence

SIFI-icon-targetNo matter how much work you put into your “target” or “ideal customer”, the people on your list don’t all fit into a one pretty box. Hell- even your services don’t! Not all your services are right for all your subscribers. And you likely offer services that aren’t entirely right for you.

This lesson will teach you how to setup and automate a segmented sequence to bring clients into specific services you offer, that you want to focus on most, and ensure you’re getting clients to YES on those services.

Lesson 4: Your Evergreen Product Sequence

SIFI-icon-gearsYou have a product that you’re either tired of “launching” or is always available on your site – but monthly sales leave something to be desired. Your evergreen product sequence will solve that.

This lesson will teach you how to put a sequence in motion to ensure you’re getting consistent, HIGHER, monthly income from your product. (Hint: This is what I did to bring my evergreen product sales from lackluster to monthly income I can count on – plus equal to how much I made in previous years when I did “launches” instead)

You already put in the hard work. Don’t let those products sit on their sales pages and die.

Bonus Lesson: Your Facebook Ads Funnel

SIFI-icon-fbIf you’re ready to take advantage of the power of Facebook ads for marketing your products and services, you’ve got to start with a strategy. No – that strategy can’t just be creating ads and sending people to your sales pages (if you don’t want to waste a lot of money that is…).

This lesson will teach you a strategic FB ads funnel to use with your sequences to boost your return on time investment, bring in more clients and sell more products.

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After taking and implementing this course you’ll:

  • Turn your new subscribers into people that actually buy from you
  • Bring more clients in your door on a consistent basis
  • Get more clients for the services you love doing the most
  • Get more monthly sales from your evergreen products
  • And best of all – be able to cross “Newsletter” off your must-do list for an entire year

Leah KalamakisAbout The Creator

I’m Leah – web designer and founder of The Freelance To Freedom Project. I’m crazy multi-passionate and a recovering multi-tasker. Running a business in one thing – running two, a whole ‘nother story.

But I can’t help myself – so I had to put strategies in place to ensure I was spending my time on the right things and opening up my schedule to allow for my multi-passionate tendencies. The strategies in this course ensured I could set it and forget it with my newsletter – so I could spend more time on the business activities I truly love.

This is for you if any of these sounds familiar:

  • You’ve had a newsletter for awhile but tend to drop the ball on it when things get busy or you lack motivation.
  • You’ve never been consistent with sending your newsletter.
  • You love creating content but are getting burnt-out constantly having to blog and send your newsletter on top of all the new exciting things you want to create.
  • You’re starting a second (or third) wing of your business and you’re not sure how you can keep up with it all.
  • You have lots of services and offerings and have a hard time connecting with people who need specific things.
  • You have some evergreen products but sales are nothing to celebrate.

This is not for you if:

  • You don’t want to invest in email marketing software that has autoresponder functionality.
  • You just started your business and have only sent your newsletter or published blog posts a handful of times.
  • You send your newsletter manually and blog every week without fail and don’t have the desire to stop that.

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indigo-headshotEver since implementing the tips in this course I’ve had the highest engagement with my emails EVER! Every sequence email has people hitting reply and I’ve been able to start building more relationships with my audience because of it.Before this course I was feeling overwhelmed and like I was always doing things at the last minute. Now: SO relieved!!

-Indigo Colton, Virtual Assistant


caressa-headshotAs soon as I just in this course, I was relieved and excited to start setting it and forgetting it. One of my best purchases ever! Before this course I was simply flustered. I knew what I needed to do but I didn’t really know exactly what to put where and how it should look.I LOVED seeing Leah’s exact emails throughout the sequences. This helped me know which direction to go.

Anyone who is ready to stop making emails a chore and put together sequences that consistently brings in clients, customers and the most engaged audience – this course is for you. If you don’t have email sequences in place and unclear about where to start, what to include and how to capture sales at the same time, this is for you too.

-– Caressa Thompson, Sales Funnel Strategist & Coach

SarahEmail marketing is one of the chores I’ve frequently shoved to the bottom of my to do list, but with a growing business I know it’s time to step it up. Set It & Forget It has made the mountain of effective email marketing seem like a breezy walk through a semi-sloped park. It’s full of easy action steps and examples, and for the first time I’m actually excited to map out sequences and start playing the email game without constantly trying to figure out what to send. Plus, it’s something I can continue to use as my business matures and shifts.”

-Sarah Eutsler, Graphic Designer

NathalieLeah has managed to take an overwhelming subject such as email automation and turn it into a simple step-by-step process with clear action-steps, email templates and cheat sheets. No more excuses, this course is definitely making email marketing automation accessible to any entrepreneur who wants to create a more consistent income stream. If you’re always struggling to find what to write to your list, Set It & Forget It will help you turn your boring/inconsistent newsletter into a powerful selling tool. I highly recommend SI&FI to anyone who wishes to communicate the smart way with their list, offer high quality content and make more money in the process.”

-Nathalie Doremieux, Web Developer

How it’s delivered:

iMac-SIFI1This course is online, inside the Freelance To Freedom Project School. You’ll be given your own login to the members-side of the school where you’ll be able to watch each lesson and download the worksheets. You’ll even be able to check off what you’ve completed and see how you’re progressing (faaaancyy!).

lisab-headshot“I felt so behind on my email marketing before SI&FI. My business is service-based, and while I have a small passive income stream, my client projects still have to take priority over marketing. Now it’s so much more manageable! I have enough content ready to go for the next two months, plus I’ve outlined ideas for an entire year of emails. This is perfect for business owners who have a library of content they aren’t sure how to reuse, and who struggle to keep up with regular email marketing in addition to their essential business tasks.”

– Lisa Butler, WordPress Expert

LaurieThis course changed my whole approach to email marketing. Before even finishing the first lesson I’d upgraded my email management subscription so I could work with the advanced automation features and started putting her tips into play immediately. Leah broke the material down into simple, actionable steps so I could easily move from the big-picture strategy to the step-by-step implementation. Her cheat sheets and swipe copy were invaluable as I got my sequences ready to go. If you run an online business with email as a marketing strategy, you need this course.

– Laurie de Fleuriot, Social Media Strategist

Heather ThorkelsonThis is a must-have course for any early stage entrepreneur producing regular content who wants to leverage it better and engage more deeply with his/her audience. It’s easy to follow and only takes a targeted chunk of time to set up. A couple of days can totally change the way your email list works for you. I can’t recommend it enough.

– Heather Thorkelson, Business Strategist

Ready to set and forget your email marketing for more time and money in your business?

Email marketing is essential to your business. If you don’t enjoy it or you just don’t want to spend so much time doing it – this course is for you.

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