Are you ready to make workin’ for yourself and making a GOOD living doing it – a reality?

Are you tired of not knowing where to start or what to focus on when it comes to marketing yourself?

Are you burnt-out trying to figure it all out on your own by reading blog posts, signing up for email lists, watching webinars?

Are you lost in information over-load and tired of wondering where your first or next client will come from?


You’ve been dreaming of being your own boss for some time now. Or you already are, technically – but it doesn’t mean much when you aren’t making a good living doing it. Your current life certainly doesn’t scream freedom.

From the moment you wake up to when your head hits
the pillow at night, your mind is consumed with thoughts like:

And you feel so alone.



An ever-growing online course library so you can learn the things you need to know when you need them.

A supportive online
members-only community of other freelancers to talk shop with 24/7

Access to expert advice and personal feedback from Leah through regular Q&A sessions and office hours.

So much quality information, tips, and advice just waiting to be devoured, all in one place. PLUS, access to office hours with Leah? HUGE bonus!”

– Lisa Von de Linde, Designer


The FTF School membership courses are separated into 3 stages – FOUNDATIONS, GROWTH & SCALE. When you join, you’ll take the Roadmap Quiz to know exactly where to start.
So you can work on what you need, depending on where you are at right now. Helping you to…



  • Create a marketing master plan that works
  • Optimize your social media engagement
  • Make blogging work to bring you clients
  • Actually get clients with Facebook groups
  • Get started with passive income
  • Build your portfolio if you’re just starting
  • Get your business off the ground if you’re brand new to freelancing
  • Automate your social media activity
  • Use email marketing to turn website visitors into clients
  • Promote your blog posts with advanced strategies
  • Ensure your website is working for you
  • Get clients when you’re in a slump
  • Get clients if you’re just starting
  • How to amp up your referral business
  • Create services and packages people need



New trainings will be added regularly based on your needs. Plus…
A library of checklists & templates to make your life easy.
Quick Tip & tutorial videos to take the guess-work out of taking action.
Live challenges to get you taking action NOW.


MikeThe FTFP School is THE roadmap to success! As a novice freelancer that needed to become a professional freelancer, Leah’s school membership is my ultimate guide for success which is currently paying HUGE dividends! Knowing I can reach out to you at any time is the ultimate life preserver! Knowing I can go to the community or website for answers is such a comfort. Having a community like this opens doors I didn’t even know existed and I know talking to others will help me generate new ideas for growth. This membership provides a laser focus to your business so you quit wasting time on the wrong things.

– Mike Schwind, eLearning Developer


I founded The Freelance To Freedom Project because I want EVERYONE to experience the freedom I live from being my own boss and working from anywhere. I know how to destroy big to-do lists while putting in place the right marketing strategies to stay booked out with clients and create passive income streams.

I’ve gone from charging $500 to now charging $6000+ for a custom website. I’ve gone from slaving away with marketing my design services to putting the most effective strategies on auto-pilot – meaning I no longer work to find clients, they come to me. Which has opened up time for me to build a community of 6000+ freedom-seekers here at FTF. I’ve found freedom fast. I know you can too with the right training, support and community.

That’s what this school and membership is all about.

louiseThis membership is SO SO valuable! I had been consuming content on many of these topics for a long time but there were so many gaps in my knowledge/game plan that Leah filled in with this program. I have all the training and notes for anything I could ever need for my business – all in one place! That alone makes it so worth it to join.

The training is actionable and easy to consume. It’s so jammed-packed with info, seeing it all made me worried I’d be overwhelmed. But knowing you can access it when you want, start with what you need and take it at your own pace is so refreshing.

The best part really is how many topics are covered and having it all in one place. The fact that there will be more courses rolled out in the future is motivating. So I can tackle the implementation of certain things I need now, and then I can grow my knowledge and my biz even more with the more advanced stuff later.”

– Louise Cottrell, Pinterest Strategist




Take a peek behind-the-scenes. Watch this video to see what you’ll find on this inside as soon as you sign up!

AlexaFor someone who is relatively new and still trying to figure out the foundations of running a freelance business, this membership helps me feel more comfortable and confident. It’s extremely valuable for those looking to establish or refine their freelance career. There are plenty of guided action steps, tips and guides to keep you on track and cover all areas of your business. I love that there are a ton of different trainings — and there is more being added. I love that Leah is always accessible to members and genuinely willing to help.”

– Alexa Burrel, Designer


BiancaSonI am not a beginner to digital marketing nor unfamiliar with the freelancing world. But even so, the trainings Leah provides are full of info that give me a different perspective and loads of new information that I didn’t know or never considered.

The video format of the courses is really enjoyable. The friendly approach and the experience based information she so openly provides makes it simple and actionable. The trainings are well structured and based on real experiences and real people. It’s motivating that by putting in the work and taking action on the tips and tricks she suggests you can succeed with your business.

– Bianca Son, Marketing Strategist


18 training courses available immediately (Masterclasses added regularly!)
An ever-growing library of checklists & templates (to take the guess-work out of implementing)
An ever-growing library of Quick Tip & Tutorial videos (to fill in the gaps)
Private members-only community (for support, advice and masterminds)
Access to personal support from Leah (regular office hours & Q&A sessions)
Cancel anytime (with a click of a button)

Just $47/month.

Join Now!