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It’s time to say goodbye to the man and hello to freedom!

So you’ve been thinking about freelancing, huh?

You’re tired of your day-job.
You’re tired of your measly pay-check.
You’re tired of your two-weeks only (if that) vacation time.

I’ve been there.


You’ve got skills.
You see other people selling those skills and working for themselves.

And you want to do that too.

Let me guess – you’ve been thinking about freelancing for awhile. You follow all the blogs. You snoop on other freelancers. You spend all your waking time outside of work dreaming of the possibilities and researching how to make it happen.

But you’re not quite taking action on anything to really make it happen.

It’s time for a jump start– and this free course is it!

Jump Start is an action packed course that will turn your wishy-washing dreams into your first actual services and clients.

It’ll show you what simple steps you need to define your service, see if people need the service, launch that service and get your first clients.

And if you already have a service and some beta clients under your belt – this course will help you analyze what you’ve done so far and what you can do differently to really get your freelancing off the ground. 

What this course covers:

Lesson 1: What to offer – I show you how to brainstorm, research and decide on what kind of service you should offer to jump start your freelancing.
Lesson 2: Gauge Interest – How you can determine if your offer is worth pursuing and give you the first boost of momemtum to finding your first clients.
Lesson 3: Brush Up Your Skills & Define Your Offering– We’ll cover how to turn your offer idea into something people will actually pay and be eager to sign up for.
Lesson 4: Launch Your Beta Offer – Where and how you can get traction with your first beta offer, what to do with those first clients when you have them, and how to get those clients to turn into many more.
Lesson 5: Make it official – With first clients under your belt and an offering in front of the world, I share with you the steps to take to turn this freelancing jump start into an actual business you can count on.

How it’s delivered:

Websites 101 Free Course

This course is online, inside the Freelance To Freedom Project School. You’ll be given your own login to the members-side of the school where you’ll be able to read and watch each lesson. You’ll even be able to check off what you’ve completed and see how you’re progressing (faaaancyy!).

Ready to take action and jump start your freelancing?